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I have been inspired by a wonderful woman I have recently met at BNI who helps under privileged children in Haiti and New Zealand by starting a Charity Tea company. Buying her tea helps to feed children. She does not make any money herself at this stage but is beginning to be noticed by organizations to have tea in their shops and for their staff. Her name is Gil Bredl, and her company is: Tea For Charity | Organic Loose-Leaf Tea & Compostable Tea Bags

“We sell tea for charity. Charity Tea is a social enterprise business and we use our revenue to address the issues of world hunger. We exist to make a social, environmental and climatic impact, and we are committed to growing people. “

I have offered to her and all non-Profit organizations free one-off services and a discounted monthly subscription service. At her recent charity event I handed out Bookkeeping Tips, pens and notepads and offered my services. By the way, her tea is great! Each time I drink her tea I know I have helped feed children.

Please feel free to contact me on 021 023 03466 or if you would like any help or advise on managing your accounts.

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