My start up Story

Why I became a Contract Bookkeeper

For anyone who is thinking of starting up their own Business here is my story:

After many years of working as a Bookkeeper for 2 Companies and living a very settled existence, back in October 2019 I was told by one of my bosses that he may have to reduce my hours. Wake up time!

I am 59 years old and was looking down the barrel of retirement next decade. What to do? Well this is what I did. I started job hunting and discovered Bookkeeping was recognised as a profession in New Zealand. There were courses I could take to fill in the gaps of my knowledge and organisations to help and support me along the way. It was light bulb moment for me. Right there and then I decided why not be Self Employed? Ok the next step was to educate myself. I joined the ICNZB and found out about some Bookkeeping courses. I studied with The Career Academy. I really enjoyed the practical and theory balance of the courses. I completed my Certificate in Bookkeeping in just over 2 weeks and followed that with my Diploma in Xero.

My confidence was beginning to grow, and I noticed how it was helping me in my current jobs. I still had doubtful times when I would wonder if I was too old for this. I think the Universe was listening because while browsing I found this saying “learn like you are going to live forever”. That was all I needed to motivate me to carry on.

Next was branding. I have a lovely niece who has a degree in Marketing, so she helped me find my logo and told me to get on Facebook and Linkedin. I designed my website to cut costs and feel quite happy with the result. I also joined an organisation call BNI (Business Network International) who help Businesses through referrals. It has been a good decision to join them. They have helped me so much.

I am continuing to grow and learn. Recently I have managed to get my Xero Advisor Certificate and I am now a qualified member of the NZQBA and a member of the AAT. I also attend webinars to further my knowledge.

I am really excited about the future and really want to help small businesses be successful. Recently got my first client!!

I am going to give 110% because I love what I do. Give it a go, you have everything to gain!

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